Mario Kart Tour : A high level racing skill mobile game

Mario Kart Tour was just a casual racing game at first, but with the exploration of core players, more and more high-level skills have been developed, and many times, it will give away the advantages if you accidentally hit the wall. For this kind of situation, the Mario Kart Tour mobile game opens the functions of wall collision protection, safe drift area, path auxiliary line and so on by default for new players, which can enable novices to finish any game smoothly.

After being familiar with the basic operation, the driver can take the driving license test at a fixed level, and then compete with more experts. Although players can still use collision wall protection to reduce punishment in high-level duels, they can’t pass the shortcut in the track. For example, the five finger Expressway track can speed up the completion of the race time by shortcut before entering the U-bend. The two functions of safe drift area and path auxiliary line are also indispensable after being familiar with the track.

Although the mobile version “Mario Kart Tour” has greatly simplified the operation of the game, the core drift setting still has many advanced playing methods, which need to be mastered by the players. There are different types of curves in the rMario Kart Tour, such as L-shaped, S-shaped and U-shaped. You can flexibly use high-level skills such as point drift, drag drift and double swing to pass. After the drift action is completed, you can also change the orientation of the car head by pulling the car head and breaking the car head.

mario kart tour game play

In order to enrich the playing method on mobile platform, Nintendo also adds the function of shaking head and sprinting in the game, which can be triggered by clicking several times continuously in the blank space. Although the acceleration effect of shaking head sprint is not as good as nitrogen injection, it becomes very important when you are on the straight road and there is no nitrogen fuel. Once the track planning mistakes, or in the event of an accident hit the wall, shake your head to accelerate can also help you slightly recover the decline. Shaking head sprint is very important not only for the game experience of players, but also for the acceleration effect of the game process.

There are four kinds of game modes in Mario Kart Tour including racing mode, leisure mode, story mode and time race. Among them, the race mode mainly tests the operation skills of players, and there are only weak advantages between players with different karting performance, while the time race is the advantage of players to improve technology and test the performance of new cars. If you just want to experience the adrenaline rush when the go kart is drifting, then leisure mode will be your best place to go.

It’s really amazing to see the reduction and innovation of the mobile game Mario Kart Tour on the level of playing method, but after opening the potential system, a large number of gold coins should be sent to strengthen various ability values. In the current version, the potential system can only give you a slight advantage, but in the L2 and L1 phase of the competition, it is possible to let go of any small details and let you eat the exhaust gas of other players all the time. In the face of “black gloves” and “color gloves” such experienced monster drivers, even if you play well, you may not be able to achieve the desired results. However, if you have a persistent and upward heart, it is necessary to buy a good kart with excellent performance in the store. The store settings in the Mario Kart Tour are similar to those in the end tour. If you really don’t want to spend money, you can take a look at Mario Kart Tour Cheats. Sometime, you will find them very helpful if using properly. In addition to the numerical differences in the kart, other items can only be used for decoration, which will not damage the balance of the game.

The official racing version of Mario Kart Tour not only restores many classic settings with great feelings in the end tour, but also is superior in mobile platforms. After simplifying the operation of the buttons on the mobile end, even players with disabled hands can easily control them. Head sprinting and all kinds of fancy drift and other advanced operations can also satisfy the core players’ sense of achievement.