10 best episodes of Batman Beyond history

Earlier this year HBO max Made all the episodes of beloved Batman: Animated series You can stream it on the service.Also, all three seasons of the sequel series, the near future of 1999 Batman Beyond, Streaming is also possible. With the 20th anniversary of the final episode of the series approaching later this year, there was no more time to name your favorite episode, one of the darkest entry points in the DC Animated Universe.

A sequel to the mandatory reboot of a highly successful studio BTAS Featuring a teenage protagonist focused on a cast of all-new villains, there is no foresight. Batman Beyond I was destined to overwhelm. The smooth animated series has surpassed expectations and has grown into a cult classic thanks to series creators Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Alan Burnett (all working on the original series). The story of the iconic cape and cowl (excluding cape) Terry McGinnis’ succession, combining cyberpunk and science fiction tropicals such as body modification, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology with the theme of redemption and the burden of heritage. Old and tired of the world, Bruce Wayne has become one of the most permanent and decisive incarnations of The Dark Knight to date.

Wear the Flying Batmobile of the Future: Recommended Batman BeyondThe best episode of All Saints’ Day, Susana Polo and Toussaint Egan, who worship the show.

Playback part I & II

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Batman Beyond It exists because of its management mission to replace Batman with a teenager, but it survives because the creative team has put a lot of effort into turning straw into gold.

What if Gotham? Blade RunnerIs it Los Angeles?What if the city is attacked by a clown gangster? AkiraAnd did they worship the mythical version of the Joker? In this metaphor, what if our Kaneda was not only Batman, but also Spider-Man? What would it look like? Batman: Animated Series Did you have your own Dark Knight Returns? If Bruce Wayne can’t be Batman, who is it?

The show’s two-part pilot has, in many respects, the entire show distilled into a mini-movie, with moments to rank among some of Batman’s greatest beats in history. Like when the joker gang leader ridicules, “Grandpa, who do you think you’re talking to? We’re the Jokers,” said Kevin Conroy’s rough tone and deadpan (you can deadpan). Do you manage it?) “Yes, that’s right.” — Susana Polo



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Batman: Animated Series Is often very convincing and is famous for reinventing the ambiguous Batman villain that was quickly adopted in comics. Most modern readers may not have known it before. Batman: Animated Series Mr. Freeze, who got the character, was just a diamond thief with a cold gimmick. A wife dying from cryostasis, corporate injustice, a quest for revenge, Sorrow..

But, Batman Beyond, The same team betting on “future teen cyber” Akira “Batman” gave himself an additional challenge. There are no old villains. The storyline couldn’t dig up the bad guys. BTAS Unless the idea was very good. “Meltdown” is very, very good.

Mr. Freeze stands in the frozen center of many of the best episodes. Batman: Animated SeriesProbably the only villain to have a true through line of character development. And certainly, it’s a robot spider whose body collapses and crawls over the wall to the neck of his Mr. Freeze suit. It was an arc that ended with his body collapsing until it was only his head … That rule.. “Meltdown” takes Freeze to its ultimate form as a tragic antihero. Batman: Animated Series‘The most successful villain rehabilitation project. —SP


A sound-based supervillain known as Shriek in a sound amplification suit.

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“scream” It’s worth noting to introduce one of the most fascinating villains of the McGuinins Batman era, the rebel sound amplification engineer Walter Shriek (aka Shriek). The episode begins when Shriek fails to assassinate Bruce Wayne at the request of CEO of Wayne Powers Enterprise, Derrick Powers (and a super-powerful villain known as Bright). Bruce is alive but hospitalized, so Shriek attempts more subtle and subtle means to accomplish his mission, but it’s up to Terry to identify the murderer. “Shriek” Now, the new Batman has a great opportunity to show off some cool combat scenes that creatively use clever, digestive sound manipulations in addition to the skills of a newborn detective. Finally, not to mention the symbolic exchange between Bruce and Terry. — —Toussaint Egan

Ink that disappears

Batman (Bruce Wayne) is fighting ink with an armored exoskeleton.

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The most interesting thing about Batman Beyond It was a side of the show designed to make executives think it was more toy Batman: Animated Series — State-of-the-art cyber future look of the 2000s! Original villain! Teen Batman! — In fact, it’s darker, more violent, and packed with body horror.

“Disappearing Ink” is the second appearance of the villain Ink, Batman BeyondA twist of clayface, a noble femme fatale with oil slick consistency — with her first appearance, she almost killed Terry. Push her body into this throat.. But this episode knows in his ears that an old man is helping him in exchange for her real threat to Batman.

Ink escapes from prison by promising to her relentless guards that he can empower him as much as she does, captures Terry, and sacrifices his disciple to Bruce at the expense of his own heart. Forces you to wear a Chekov exosuit to save. After all, Inque’s terrifying guards end up with only half the amount of science potions, gooed with no ability to control forms, sentenced to life in prison, and similarly fed liquid food. You can.Awkward janitor, all the horrors and appearances of the classic Dusk area episode.

Confront the best villain, Inque Batman BeyondTry to refrain from the show, but always use rock guitar arrangements properly. Batman: Animated Series Theme song. —SP


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While Batman BeyondSeason 1 episode “The Winning Edge” addressed the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs, and “Splicers” tackled youthful, ill-advised parental bugbears, or body modifications. A new epidemic has sprung up among Terry’s classmates in a splicing fashion. It combines animal attributes with human DNA for cosmetic and physical benefits. Batman confronts the mastermind behind the new process, Dr. Cuvier of the Chimera Institute, and thwarts his spliced ​​minions from attempting to kill the district attorney, but in the process produces a mysterious serum. It is inevitable to take it. Terry is fighting the effects of a newly discovered makeover, so he must finally confront Cuvier again in order to completely stop his joining work.

Despite being held elsewhere in 2019, Splicers feels like a perfect time capsule of early girl concerns and youth culture, the first venture in the series to body horror. It features an explosive finale that stands out as one of the. In addition, rapper Ice-T provides voice to teenage Goon with rams tied together. pleasant! -hand

Earth mover

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Batman Beyond,

Entering the second season, Batman Beyonced began to distinguish himself Batman: Animated Series seriously That’s horrible.. A good example: Earth mover. When Jackie, a friend of Terry’s school, worries that he may be stalking, Terry chases the man and confronts him, but finds that he is completely muddy. Jackie and her When his father is kidnapped by these strange beings, Batman must confront one of the most powerful and disturbing enemies he has ever encountered. I will not spoil it, but if you can not see it in the attached image, Muzzle.. -hand

Mind game

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In all instances of Batman Beyond Katsuhiro Otomo tilts his hat to the 1989 anime classic (error, cowl) Akira, There is no clearer nod than the episode “Mind Game”. While patrolling the city on Batmobile and memorizing the US President in preparation for the next historical exam (including a playful nod to the 43rd President, who is now insane), Terry is on Wednesday.・ Tamara, a girl who looks a lot like Adams.

After learning that Tamara has been kidnapped by a secret criminal organization known as the Brain Trust, Terry must fight the group’s psychic assassin executives to save her. Batman and the Mysterious Mute Fighting scene with (later Justice League Unlimited (Son of criminal boss Stephen Mandragora) One of the best works in an abandoned school building, Tamara summons a spiritual projection of her stuffed animal to distract one of the prisoners. The scene to do is Batman BeyondAs mentioned above Akira worship. -hand

Outside the past

Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis fight side by side.

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Batman Beyond Is a show about heritage. It not only means inheriting heritage, but also what it means for those who give up their burden. Talia al Ghul, daughter of Batman’s longtime enemy Ra’s al Ghul and one of Bruce’s former lovers, visits him and offers him a simple gift. Older Faced with growing frustration and physical challenges, Bruce reluctantly accepted the offer, but soon regretted it.

“Out of the Past” is ranked as one of Batman Beyond’s best episodes for several reasons. Aside from the Joker, the nemesis faced by the original Batman. -hand


Batman (Terry McGinnis) and a member of the Justice League.

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Today, the DC Animated Universe is a vast network of shows, with as much continuity as other spin-offs of the DC Multiverse (although). yet Does not have its own designated Earth). Its vast world began with its creator, which allows the wider world of the DC Universe to flow into solo exhibitions as much as possible.

A good example: The Justice League first appeared in DCAU, the Justice League Batman Beyond.. The plot is “The Call” by itself, but the real selling point of this episode is that the show’s team is conceptual across older versions of Superman and Big Birda, and the original list of future Justice League members. Is applying various skills. Includes new takes for Hawkman, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Atom. —SP

Once and in the future, Part 2: Time, distorted

Bruce Wayne, Batman (Terry McGinnis) and Batman (Bruce Wayne) meet in

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Okay, okay, this is not an episode Batman Beyond..But it is Is Best episode of Justice League Unlimited that is Batman Beyond Setting. (Before rushing to comment, I know it’s a category that includes “epilogues”. Batman Beyond The “epilogue” part is not good. )

If you haven’t seen “Once and Future Thing,” you’re probably better off starting with Part 1. However, keep in mind that this is 20 minutes of setting up the main event. The main event is modern Batman and Green Lantern, after a time-traveling madman. Batman BeyondAt the time, they teamed up with middle-aged Static, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern’s mixed-race son Warhawk, Terry McGinnis, and his mentor, Old Batman.

Even if you don’t have three Batmen in this episode, it’s a wild and satisfying experience.But it is To do With three Batmans in it, you can see Kevin Conroy playing his way in the scene where the current Batman plays Good Cop on Old Bruce Wayne’s Bad Cop. —SP