10 categories of Metroid Castlevania currently playing

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Bloodstained can also be called “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 2”. After all, it comes from the mastermind of Symphony and the outstanding character of Castlevania, Igarashi Koji Koji Igarashi. It carries many classic elements of the series while introducing cool new ideas on it. Players explore a Gothic castle full of secrets while using swords, axes, and of course whips and other weapons to kill supernatural enemies. Killing enemies will bring additional rewards, because they will drop fragments, which will give cool power that can turn the tide of battle. The more shards you collect, the more comprehensive your capacity pool is, and you can create multiple loads suitable for any situation. When you are not fighting the dark forces, you can help the surviving citizens by completing bounties, crops, cooking recipes, and other fascinating pastimes. Most importantly, a large number of post-release updates will only make Bloodstained packages sweeter. If you have been longing for something more “Vania” than Metroid, Bloodstained is a must.