10 fun games to play with kids this holiday

If you have family members who come to attend the Thanksgiving feast and weekend leisure and shopping, then the young people are likely to look for entertainment. If they have an iPad, they may fall back to YouTube viewing mode, but you can also use the screen to bring family members together to play some fun games.

I collected some games that should provide entertainment for children and adults. The daunting task is to find games that can be used on a variety of devices and provide cross-play support-which means you can play together even if you are on a PlayStation 4 and the kids are on their iPad.

If you are just to entertain one or two children, I also provide some games that they should have fun with, but these games are only available on some machines. These games have different age ranges, but they are fun for everyone.

The first three games I chose are simple, but as I found out, parents usually don’t know that they offer crossover games and don’t need three or four identical systems for children to play together at home.

I hope this list will bring you some fun. Happy Turkey Day everyone!