10 years have passed, nothing can compare to the magic of Dark Souls PvP

I am an idiot. Yes! Addicted to lack of care, I am actually a bad guy. For ten years, I have been killing all of you in Dark Souls and its sequels in cheap, funny, and sometimes very annoying ways. I am the master of the troll invasion.

Trolling usually has negative associations, but I’m talking about a good trolling: pure tease to another player, almost a prank on the cruel world of online PvP. I’m not the kind of ganker who sits in the forest and wants to defeat the invaders with my partner. I… well, I think I’m actually a bit like a clown.

There are several things that make Dark Souls a unique PvP playground, and ten years later it has an impact on countless other online modes. The first is its asymmetry: the host has certain advantages, and so does the intruder. There are dozens of possible weapons, spells, miracles, and fire spells that can work, as well as the environment itself. The host can unite to deal with the intruder; the intruder can avoid and harass the host. This is not a duel, nor is it a boxing match. This is a battle.

(Image source: Fromsoftware)

I did not start my dark soul PvP journey as an immoral liar. Like everyone else, I spent the first few weeks and months immersed in Lordran combining epic scope and complex interior design, collecting and familiarizing various weapons and tools, and dying over and over again. Every time I was hacked, I ended up fiddling with the end of the spear of XXXN00bkilla97XXX, and the complete absence of red eyeballs (the original invasion item) meant that I did not hack myself a few times correctly before defeating the game.