118 quick questions about Marvel’s midnight sun

For a new game like Marvel’s Midnight Sun, there are many things to deal with. How does the title feel? What are the heroes in the game? Who the hell is the midnight sun. I know what you are thinking. Sometimes the world changes too fast to keep up with all the latest information released by some of the biggest video games in 2022. But what if I tell you that there is a handy YouTube video where you can learn about all the latest games from Marvel and Firaxis Games?

Yes, guys, we bring you another patented Rapid-Fire series, this is our interview series, we will question the developers of the biggest and best games in quick succession, and provide you with all The answer you desire, even the answer you don’t know’ no.We introduced Jack Solomon, Creative director of Firaxis Games, discussing Marvel’s midnight sun this month! Joining Ben Reeves, he asked 118 questions on many different and exciting topics around the developer’s latest work. The two reviewed the impact on the game, the origin of the card system, the heroes on the final list, and more!

If you like watching Marvel’s Midnight Sun, this is just an experience of the official Game Informer cover story this month. Go to the center of the link below to find our personal impressions of game time, learn more about who the midnight sun is, and see Lilith, the big villain of the game.

As Firaxis’ latest game will be launched on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in March 2022, fans who are excited about Midnight Suns will be waiting soon.

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