12 days of video games

Conceptually, the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is just a great gift list that will allow your significant other to get your lover during the holidays. But in practice, it is useless! seriously. Who has twenty different birds on their wish list, and where would you put them all? But it is undeniable that it is very attractive. So, we think we can replace all those unwanted poultry with some great gifts related to the game, so as to get your true love (or truly anyone) this holiday season, and beautify this classic carol. Hope this version will become popular soon.

Twelve Spartan Fighting

Halo infinite

Well, at least in the Big Team Battle multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite, there are 12 Spartans fighting by your side. The other twelve are trying to disappoint you. However, since the developers provide free multiplayer games with the latest Halo entries, it is easy to give gifts. If your grantee wants more Halo Infinite, there is also a very impressive single player campaign.

Eleven engine buzz

Forza Horizon 5

Imagine sitting behind the steering wheel of a parachute-equipped car and being pushed out of an airplane. Then, when the tires touched down, they found themselves in a race through Mexico’s diverse landscape. Forza Horizon​​ n 5 players don’t have to imagine, because all this happens in the game’s epic opening sequence, and it will only get better from there.

Ten bicycles A-speeding


Who doesn’t want to travel through the desert in an air-cushioned vehicle? Sable will make your gift recipients feel like a mixture of Jedi and Link in Breath of the Wild, as they ride, climb, and slide in the summoned environment. The all-encompassing mission that does not exist in the adventure is imminent, and players can simply enjoy this experience.

Nine planetary fission

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Valley

PlayStation’s familiar mascots Ratchet and Clank return gorgeously, witnessing the battle of heroes across time and space. The nostalgic platform game has nine different planets, all of which are affected by the cracks that have begun to appear in the galaxy. This dimension-breaking game is the road to memory after upgrading.

Eight points A-Slaying

Endless loop

Colt is a man with a sense of mission. He will leave the island he is trapped in, breaking the cycle of repeating the last day over and over again. For this, he must kill eight strong men. But since everyone opposed him and time is running out, this task is easier said than done.

Harvest of Seven Souls

Death’s door

In “Death’s Gate”, you play a crow and see him harvesting the souls of the living from nine to five; until a problem arises. In order to get things done, you have to fight hard in front of seven main bosses, each of whom is harder than the last. The combat mechanics are top-notch, matching the surprisingly thought-out narrative of the game.

Six geese

Untitled Goose Game

We tried to make all the birds disappear from this carol, but one managed to sneak back. Untitled Goose Game was originally released as a single player experience, but was later expanded to allow sofa collaboration. Therefore, you actually need to get three copies of the game to make the six geese honked at the same time, but if you manage to set it up, it will be worth it.

Five Tiiiiime cycles

Returnal, Loop Hero, Outer Wilds, 12 Minutes, The Forgotten City

It’s easy to call 2021 the year of the time loop, because this year there are many amazing games that have adopted this concept in their designs. These games are not repeated, but try to incorporate ideas into the gameplay in a thoughtful and unique way, ensuring that each new game feels fresh and interesting.

Four-color mixing

Life is Strange: True Colors

Alex Chen, the protagonist of “Life is Strange: The True Face” represented by various hues, can see the sadness, anger, fear and joy of others. The latest work in this beloved series has an enhanced new look, but retains the touching narrative that fans expect from the title of “Life is Strange”.

Three henchmen


A somewhat weird title; Inscryption is short, but it may be the most unexpectedly interesting game of the year. It started as a desperate card game. Your enemy, a villain with violent eyes and living in a hut, cast three small minions on your path to victory and freedom. Even the most experienced video game enthusiast, this game will surely surprise you.

Two dolls in love

Need two

Okay, so the dolls did not love each other as much as they did when they divorced. They are not real dolls, but a pair of humans trapped in wood and clay bodies by magic. But this does not prevent It Takes Two from becoming one of the best games of 2021, and it is a cooperative adventure, so you can play with anyone.

And the tall lady in that meme

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village may not exude a festive atmosphere at first, but just look at the entrance to the castle. You can install a magical tree in it. In addition, there is even a quaint snowy village nearby. If you are cool about the veritable mishmash of horror metaphors haunting the winter wonderland, choose this game.