16 years before the Steam platform, Sony’s Vaio UX is the coolest portable PC ever

Isn’t the Steam Deck an incredible piece of hardware? Check it out, it’s all over the front page of Steam in matte black brilliance, assuring anyone with enough patience and money for a modern PC game to play it absolutely anywhere they dare. Valve’s machine is a bold and beautiful thing: the current pinnacle of portable PC gaming, and the beginning of another generation in a long and messy family tree. Its roots are the chunky Game Boys and laptops of the ’90s, but the Steam Deck’s closest (or at least quirkiest) ancestor is Sony’s now 16-year-old but still very stylish Vaio UX.

Sony Vaios fashion always comes at a price—so much so that I’m afraid to order a Sony handheld, even at the stage where I’m on a dual credit card. But the desire never subsided?imagine owning a very small computera very beautiful one, which was used in one of Daniel Craig’s James Bond films.