2021 Black Friday Nintendo Switch SD Card Offer: Save more memory

Nintendo Switch has a growing list of must-have games, especially those that you want to keep in your bag every time you go out. This probably means that 32GB of internal storage space (or 64GB if you are the lucky owner of the Switch OLED) will easily be used up by one or two games.

With the help of a microSD card, no matter where you go, you can carry several or even dozens of Switch games with you, ready to fire at any time. These Sandisk memory cards are officially licensed by Nintendo, so you will not encounter any problems with saving and loading games while playing. AmazonThe choices start with a convenient 64GB size, but if you want your entire collection to always be carried with you for greater convenience, you can also use other options up to 512GB.

To help you budget the potential space you think you need, the necessary Animal Crossing: New Horizons Occupies about 7GB of memory storage, while Metroid Fear Use about 4.5GB. Of course, if you plan to build a portable Switch library, a larger capacity card will be better.



If you don’t want to go the official route, there are other microSD cards. We chose Samsung’s EVO Plus series because this Korean manufacturer has become the preferred name for all storage products that can be trusted in recent years, especially for gamers. Argos has two 64GB with 128GB card In stock.You can also read more about the best microSD cards at Digital casting.

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