2021 is the first time I quit World of Warcraft since 2014, and I feel lost

For many years, World of Warcraft has been my main game. The first time I discovered Blizzard’s MMO was during the 2011 cataclysm, but it wasn’t until the 2012 Mystery of Pandaren that I started to play seriously or start raiding. I survived the content famine at the end of “Lord of Draenor” in 2014, and was excited about the legend again in the 2016 “Revised Legion”. Somehow, I still hope that Sylvanas may not Become the bastard she looked like in The Scramble in 2018. Azeroth.

But in 2020, “Shadow Kingdom” is the first expansion that I am not particularly excited about. Less than a year after it was released, I stopped playing it altogether.

(Image source: Blizzard Entertainment)

For a while I was dissatisfied with Warcraft. Like many others, I am not interested in the covenant system, and I am not involved in the storyline of the Shadowlands, especially the role of Sylvanas. But World of Warcraft always has highs and lows, especially when the excitement of the new expansion fades and you are waiting for the next patch to drop. It was the Domination Shard system introduced in the first major update that really prompted me to ask why I was still playing. Of course, shortly after this, Activision Blizzard exposed its bad treatment of its employees (especially women).

If the Kingdom of Shadows did not disappoint me so much, it would be a difficult decision to withdraw from World of Warcraft.