2021 is the year when I learn to like to play games with my friends

I spent a lot of time to enjoy my hobby of games.Of course, I spent my childhood playing Toontown Online for several years, exploring obscure online rhythm games, and I was too young to hang out on social simulation games. IMVU. But when I think of young Mollie playing games, I would imagine her curled up alone in her mother’s greenhouse—the little space heater is shining, and there is a glass of elderflower liqueur and lemonade on the floor. Play Kingdom Hearts 2 for the fifth time on the nasty bright pink PlayStation 2 Slim.

I like to play games by myself. To be fair, I don’t have many choices. My mother had an irrational fear of the Internet, so we could not connect online until I was 18 years old. As a gamer, my father has much less fear of the World Wide Web, so I can spend four days a week online, but I am not online on weekends.