2021 PC Gamer Hardware Awards: Best Gear of the Year

As we bid farewell to the different collections of hours, days and months in 2021, let us pour a small glass of wine and raise the glass to pay tribute to the best PC gaming hardware released this year. In some ways, this is not a golden year for PC hardware. For example, building a new drilling rig has never been more difficult.

However, despite the continued horror of the GPU market and the logical disappearance of new budget hardware, there is still something to celebrate. If you ever wanted to equip your system with the kind of high-speed SSD that was previously used only by data center IT managers, now is definitely the time. Similarly, Intel’s return to CPU form through its Alder Lake gambling, seems to be rewarded in the form of an impressive Core i9 12900K and an excellent Core i5 12600K processor, which should make any gamer smile.