2021 Picks: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Tom’s other GOTY picks

I sat down to think about my favorite game of the year, looping through the games in my mind like an old-fashioned slideshow-maybe I played too much Alan Wake remaster. In fact, many slides are blank or out of focus at best. I played a game for a while but rebounded or just didn’t have time to explore properly. These are all the slides except Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (and a few others, but this did not make this introduction interesting).

I have completed Rift Apart three times and watched my son complete it. It can be said that I like it very much. This is largely because Insomniac’s game is one of the earliest PS5 games. It is also not built for PS4. This is a PS5 game. it shows.

Many beautiful-looking games were released in 2021, but I don’t think any game can match Ratchet’s PS5 debut when it comes to providing a coveted animated movie experience. This is a wonderful game worth seeing. Its environment is colorful and explosive battles take things to another level. Gorgeous.

Of course, the visual brilliance is nothing more than that. Rift Apart is also a joy. Ratchet (and Rivet)’s mobile settings this time allowed him to quickly travel through the world, and platform games and gunfights were as solid as ever. very tight.

If there is a negative impact, it is that collectibles are not so hard to find. I just want more reasons to continue playing the new game+ and clean up some things that I missed in the first run. I also ran 60 FPS, but now I have done it. It’s ok. The game can be completed without a steady stream of new content. But I hope there are more. A lovely DLC area with a lot of things to look for. I can dream.

In the year when I barely opened PS5, Ratchet is by far the greatest achievement. To my surprise, I have chosen PS5 Exclusive for two consecutive years. Maybe there is something in this “Sony first party game is the best” Skylark. Let’s see how next year’s game will proceed.

It requires two-Xbox One/series consoles, PS4/PS5 and PC

This wonderful co-op adventure from Hazelight is very close to becoming my favorite game of the year. Needless to say, your enjoyment largely depends on who you play with (the whole thing I do is sitting next to my son), but if there are the right people, it needs two to be a wonderful one. An unforgettable game-despite some dark moments.

Part of the reason It Takes Two is so exciting is the diversity of the entire game. New mechanics are being introduced all the time, which is great for a game that is never short. Game mechanics created for relatively short game sequences are not the norm, which makes discovering new things more special and constant surprises-this is for kids who always want to be different from what they did five minutes ago perfect.

Forza Horizon​​ n 5-Xbox One/Series game console, PC

Forza Horizon 5 has become my quick fix game. If I have 20 minutes to play something, I will activate it and do whatever activity I am closest to. This might end up being my favorite racer (but I’m not sure, until I slowly play more races in the next six months), although I think it lacks more built-in-when it comes to In the final decision, the ascending area may hinder it slightly.

I love you, Forza Horizon, but I do miss pure city racers. You know which one I’m talking about.

Knockout City-Everything

I haven’t played so many games myself, but I think the original multiplayer games of Velan Studios and Electronic Arts are commendable. My son is addicted to this competitive dodgeball game, and I understand why. This is different.

Knockout City is the ability to learn maps and correctly manage time. Players can throw the ball back and forth, and each time the ball is received, the throwing speed will be increased. It’s great to watch and changes the usually most popular gun-based multiplayer game.

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