343 Closed Xbox 360 online services for many Halo games in January

This morning, Halo fans received some good news, thanks to The Halo Infinite live broadcast details the game’s activitiesOn the other hand, 343 Industries also reminded players that it plans to close the Xbox 360 online service to provide a series of Halo games and postpone its initial December execution time to January.

343 initially announced plans to do this in December 2020. The plan is to stop the 360 ​​online service under the following titles:

  • Halo 3
  • Halo 3: ODST
  • Halo Reach
  • Halo: Anniversary of Battle Evolution
  • Halo war
  • Halo: Spartan assault.

This should happen in December this year, but it will now happen on January 13, 2022. When this happens, for each affected game, functions such as online matching will be disabled or severely restricted. Yes, this includes playing them on Xbox One or Series X/S through backward compatibility.according to Halo Waypoint Post (You should read it for a complete breakdown of how everything works) The owners of these games can still play them offline “indefinitely”.

The reason why 343 did this was to focus on the future of the Halo series. In addition to launching Halo Infinite in December this year, it also plans to continue to update Halo: The Master Chief Collection (including gradual migration to PC). According to 343, maintaining the online services of several traditional Halo games while taking into account Halo Infinite and MCC “needs a lot of time and resources, which directly affects the studio’s ability to support current and future projects, such as Halo: The Master Chief. Collection and Halo Infinite.”

“Every cycle used to maintain and support Xbox 360 traditional services is time and effort, not spent on the future of Halo,” the blog post wrote.

Starting in 2019, 343 began rolling out the discontinued service in four stages. For example, in December of last year, it stopped selling Halo games on 360 in the future. We are currently in the third stage, which is to update the news, and the fourth stage will naturally be closed next year. Earlier this year, the original Halo.Bungie.net website Always offline, So for long-term fans of Halo, this year has ended an era.

[Source: Halo Waypoint via Video Games Chronicle]