343 Industries announces the new look of Craig The Brute

When Microsoft and 343 Industries revealed Last year, the first ever Halo Infinite battle gameplay, It has received a lot of criticism, and Craig the Brute is the center of it all.

At the time, Craig was just a standard barbarian. That poor guy showed up at work that day, thinking he was just standing aside, guarding an outpost, just like every day before. Craig was making money to prepare food for his family, and then on a decisive day, Sparta 117, also known as the Master Sergeant, came knocking on the door, and the barbarian had to be completely destroyed by him. As if this weren’t hard enough, Craig became the central point of criticism of the game’s presentation: people thought he didn’t look good.

Well, look at who is laughing now: Craig the Brute, winner of the Glow of the Year Award.

As you can see in the screenshot above, Craig looks great. He gave up the shaved head and switched to a mini Mohawk haircut, even with a goatee. As his new face paint and armor indicate, Craig has also been promoted-something he deserves after seemingly surviving the battle with the master chief. Look, when Halo Infinite is released on December 8, will we still completely ruin Craig’s whole day? Yes, but that does not mean that we cannot be happy for Craig and his light.

Newest In the Infinite blog post The entire section released today also specifically introduces this luminescence, and it turns out that 343 Industries has a love-hate relationship with Craig.

“The team has a love-hate relationship with Craig,” when asked about Craig, Halo Infinite character and combat director Steve Dyck said in a blog post. “Although it is interesting to see the community attracted by Craig, unfortunately, he represented some content and systems in the presentation that were not ready for prime time. Craig’s positive results were that he was one of the factors that allowed him to gain more time. Once the work is done and Brutes is brought to the place where the team is satisfied with them.”

In order to cooperate with this Halo Infinite update, Xbox released a tweet to help Craig’s new look ring. This is very good news:

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