343 Industries details Halo Infinite’s new Season 2 map

Halo Infinite’s second season of Lone Wolves kicks off on May 3 and brings a ton of new content to the game. 343 industry released blog post One of the most exciting additions is detailed in the form of two new maps: Catalyst and Destroyer.

Catalyst is a stylish but abandoned Forerunner base that has been recycled by nature. Expecting plenty of foliage to cover its overall surface, 343 describes the Catalyst as a vertically symmetrical arena with a suspended catwalk and a lightweight bridge connecting the two halves of the map.

Breaker is an exiled shipyard loaded with debris on a dusty desert planet. Its central element is a giant plasma-cutting beam that moves across the map, where players can fight for their own peril or benefit. 343 describes Breaker as a “pseudo-symmetric BTB” map. Catalyst and Breaker will support all existing multiplayer modes as well as new ones coming next season. You can watch a flyby of both arenas in the video below.

Be sure to read 343’s blog post for a full breakdown of the developer’s inspiration and design elements for these maps. Lone Wolves will also be introducing new story elements, modes, and cosmetic items—343 plans to rave about these additions in the coming weeks. As a reminder, players must complete Halo Infinite’s Season 1 Battle Pass by May 2 before everything can be reset for Season 2.

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