343 Industries introduces the Halo Infinite Battle Pass system in detail, including how to switch between them

343 Industries has released new information about the Halo Infinite Battle Pass system, including how players will switch between passes.

In a new interview IGN, Infinite design director Jerry Hook and lead schedule designer Chris Blohm discussed how the game’s combat pass method will work in free multiplayer games. They said that its purpose is to allow various players to return to it.

“We want to be able to say,’Hey, look, when you put in 10 dollars, you keep that 10 dollars,” Hooks said IGN.

This implies the fact that the battle pass in Infinity will never expire, which means that if you do not complete a given battle pass before the end of the relevant season, you can still process it in the next season. However, according to Hook and Blohm, you can only deal with one battle pass at any time, so if you are still dealing with the battle pass from the previous season, you will not be able to move forward at all. But when you are ready to solve it, the current one will always be available.

Players can also switch back and forth between battle passes at will, so which rewards you get and when you reward them are entirely up to you. If you buy a $10 battle pass, you can use it forever.another thing IGN What I understand is that the battle pass seen in the recent multiplayer technology preview does not represent what we will see in Infinity in December this year.

add, IGN The report said, “About every quarter of the battle pass will have a legendary cosmetic”, “Legendary cosmetics will be related to character settings, or a new type of customized object with special attributes or effects.”

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