343 Industries warned not to use Quick Resume while playing Halo Infinite for now

Quick resume is great at work; after all, starting your console to continue where you stopped in a series of games is a far cry from having to find a place to save your game.

Except, sometimes it doesn’t work.If you keep playing Halo infiniteIn the past few weeks of multiplayer games, you may have noticed that when you re-enter, “Quick Resume” takes you offline, which means you either need to go back to the main menu to enter the match again, or restart the game completely .

As it happens, the same thing can happen in a single player campaign. It will affect the unlocks you get in multiplayer games, God bless.

“PSA: When playing the Halo Infinite campaign, you will come across armor lockers with MP Spartan cosmetics,” said Brian Jarrad, community director at 343 Industries. In tweet“If you are offline or disconnected from the service-this may happen after a quick recovery-cosmetics will not appear in your MP list.”

Jarrad pointed out that 343 Industries is aware of this problem and is working to fix it to ensure that if you have become a victim of this error, you will unlock it retroactively in the multiplayer part of the game.

Currently, the studio directly advises not to use Quick Resume at all.

“Currently,” continue Jarrad, “I advise against continuing to resume the session quickly and make sure you are online before venturing into Zeta Halo.”

The best way is to start the game from the main screen of the console at the beginning of each session.

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