343 Saying that Halo 5 will no longer log on to the PC

in a tweet In response to two Halo content creators discussing the recent leak of Geforce Now’s presumed upcoming game, Brian Jarrard of 343 Industries denied the rumors Halo 5: Guardian About to log on to the PC. He said that although the leaked list may refer to “H5: Forge”, there are currently no plans for Halo 5 to land on PC because the team focuses on Halo Infinite and Master Chief Collection.

This will definitely disappoint the Halo community, because even though Halo 5 is not considered the best Halo at any time, it is still the latest one we have, and most of the competing communities are currently established. Equally annoying is that it is the only item that has not been released on the PC, and everything else is included in the Master Chief Collection. Although it can be used on Xbox One, it is a significant vulnerability in the PC series, and most of the community is now on PC.

However, given its rough development cycle, it makes sense for 343 to want to focus on Halo Infinite. Microsoft and 343 really need to play well, especially after being criticized by fans. At the same time, the Master Chief Collection has its own problems, and the studio continues to work hard. There are more Halo in the TV series, which is still in production.

As of now, Halo Infinite is scheduled to be released on December 8, for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The Master Chief Collection is now available on the same platform.