343 What you need to know about Halo Infinite Battle

The battle of Halo Infinite is coming. To prepare you for December 8th, we sat down with the team at 343 Industries to learn everything we need to know about the upcoming return of the Master Chief.

Halo Infinite occurred 18 months after the Halo 5 incident, and a lot has changed since we last saw the Xbox icon. UNSC is fighting for their lives on Zeta Halo, the exiles are getting closer and closer to accomplishing their evil goal, and humanity is once again in an unresolved situation. Some of these metaphors may sound familiar, but 343 is here to tell you why Chief’s new story should excite fans.Fast spoiler Warning: We discussed the location of the characters and some of their motivations for entering Halo Infinite. If you want to keep it clean, please come back to this video after playing the game.

We set the table by answering the question about whom Halo Infinite applies to. Developers have been working hard to take a route that appeals to both new fans and veterans, trying to strike a balance before “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”. Next, the discussion turns to where the game starts again and what players can expect when the pilot finds the chief floating in space.

But what is a good story without a big villain? One of 343’s other priorities is to cultivate and enrich a threatening opponent in The Banished and their leader Echarum. Although fans of Halo Wars 2 may be familiar with this split faction of Brutes, Elites, and more familiar alien faces, the team hopes to create a new and engaging narrative around who the Chief will have an energy sword conflict with.

Next, we continue to discuss the mystery of Halo Infinite, mainly where Cortana is and what has happened since Chief went black six months ago. To do this, we need to understand The Weapon, your new AI partner, who looks a lot like another Jen Taylor voiced character. How does her story influence the larger narrative? You must watch the video to find the answer.

In the end, we ended our time with 343 to discuss how the team emphasized the combination of gameplay and narrative, and their desire to immerse players as much as possible. But did their execution succeed? December 8 is not fast enough.

Does it feel too long to wait for the Halo Infinite event? We understand and hope to help you through this time with our exciting new cover story! This month, we will delve into a host of new and engaging interviews, game videos, and more from the team behind the next entry in the Master Cheif story.Be sure to check out our quick tour of the opening levels of the game, our Campaign impressions, To learn more about exploration and progress, as well as our research on the creation of cunning robots in early multiplayer test flight versions. Thank you for watching, and let us know your thoughts on the video in the comments below!