42 new FIFA names that EA can use for free

EA Sports FC is considered a potential new name for EA’s football game giant FIFA. As the name suggests, this is good, but a little dull, isn’t it? Some marketing executives may have spent a month attending the seminar, but it is as common as the name.


Therefore, given that we want to provide the best results for EA’s football series, we worked together to come up with some new names for FIFA. There are 42 new names here. Please let us know which ones you like best.

  • Football (soccer) simulator
  • This game by Daniel Levy is not for sale 23
  • Virtual football
  • Professional footballer
  • Kick people

  • Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Football
  • Steve Bruce Cubs Football
  • Football is fun
  • Calm Glenn Football
  • Football world
  • Play alternately and pretend to be PES 23
  • No time to dive
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Jesse
  • VAR Football 23
  • Football behind the net
  • Kicking (except for throw-in (and when the goalkeeper handles it)) 23
  • Extreme football
  • Football OLED
  • Ted Lasso Football-Believe Edition
  • Football is life
  • Football phobia

  • Isaac and Commander Shepard Football All-Star
  • The hand of the government of Saudi Arabia Football 23
  • EA Sports’: it’s in the loot box
  • UEFA 22
  • Wayne Rooney’s street forward 22
  • Football AM Tubes Football
  • Jose Mourinho’s Bus Parking Simulator 22
  • It will never go home football-England version
  • #OleOut Football 23
  • Sports washing 23
  • Gareth Southgate’s vest dress
  • Luke Shawshank Redemption Football 23
  • Fikayo TomOri and the will of the elf
  • Ajax Legend
  • Mora’s Edge
  • Moussa Sissoko effect
  • Messi effect
  • Harvest Toon: Mike Ashley Edition
  • Marcus Rash(ford) Bandicoot 4: It’s time
  • Danny Williams Football
  • (Declan) ARice’s story

That’s it. I believe you will agree that this is well worth your (and our) time, and EA has to make difficult decisions now.

FIFA 22 (this may be the last time we have seen the game use the name) is now released on almost all platforms. Check out our guide, including FIFA 22’s prodigy and FIFA 22’s best forwards.