5 reasons you need to play Xiangdong

I have a lot of time to play indie games these days, especially games that perform well like this. In the video above, everything is on the hype train, because I gave you 5 reasons why you need to play Xiangdong.

From the chroma tones that complement the modern pixel art style to the synthesizing of the Boeing track in the earplugs, Eastward’s style is dripping.

If you are looking for a comfortable game similar to classic games such as 2D Zelda, Earthbound and Dragon Quest, then this game is definitely for you, I believe you will fall in love with the main characters John and Sam, and from the weird The NPC gets some laughter during the dialogue.

Watch the video, but all in all, Eastward is just a comfortable game that relaxes me, and it never generates stress. The game is beautifully simple and calming.

The charm and personality of the entire game makes it easy for me to overlook one or two of its shortcomings. Remember, this is a fairly long game, so if you really pick it up, please take a fairly long journey.

Eastward is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Disclaimer: It has been tested on Nintendo Switch and a copy of the game provided by the publisher is attached.