5 Star Wars: A vision episode that needs to be the game

As for me, Star Wars: The Phantom Is the most exciting Star Wars project since the Disney era MandalorianEach episode of this anthology series provides a different animation studio with full power to tell a bold, imaginative and independent story set in the myth of George Lucas’ beloved. The animation is beautiful and diverse, the story is inspiring, and it has the coolest and dumbest lightsaber ever.If you are a fan of Star Wars, or just like good-looking anime but haven’t watched it yet, then watch it-mainly because this article contains some Major spoilers.

As I watched each episode, I couldn’t help but want to translate them into video games. Most Star Wars games are very precise in allowing players to explore galaxies far, far away.VoltVision It’s nothing, so if we can’t get a derivative show/movie, let me play an adapted version of the show’s episode. Every part of the anthology has game potential, but here are the five I want to play the most. These choices are arranged in order of episodes, not preference.