5 things we liked in 15 minutes of the new Elden Ring game

The 15-minute new “Elden Ring” game screen that debuted today (you can watch it above or above) YouTube), which means that we have about 54,000 new frameworks for the latest fantasy sad landscapes from FromSoftware to study. Qiulin at the End of the World looks gorgeous on horseback, but the real highlight of the video is the characters. FromSoftware’s open world looks more than we expected: the weird and cute giant urn creatures return triumphantly, as do the new soul summons that we have been curious about.

Before the release of Elden Ring in February, here are the most exciting things for our two dark souls.

The creature in the vase has a name, we are very excited

(Image source: FromSoftware)

Lauren Morton, Associate Editor: Yesterday, before we saw the new game screen, Taylor said “I just need to know if the Jar Boy has a name”, referring to the large urn creature with arms we saw in the screenshot earlier this year . They do have a name, Taylor. Tekken Alexander, the same is true. what do you think?