50% discount on It Takes Two for PC and game consoles

Those who missed The Game Awards’ It Takes Two, the best game of the year, can now buy it at a 50% discount at major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. Hazelight Studios received other nominations for its collaborative adventure, and ultimately defeated games such as “Metropolitan Fear”, “Ricky and Clank: Rift” and “Mad Men 2” to be nominated for Game of the Year.

It takes two to tell the story of May and Cody, the couple on the brink of separation. They told their daughter Rose about their divorce, and she cried and used magic tears to transfer their souls to her two dolls. May and Cody wake up in their new bodies and agree to cooperate in finding Rose, while enduring a lecture on a sensuous self-help book. This is an atmosphere of “My dear, I have reduced the child” and “Toy Story”. Our critics called it a “wonderful, childish cooperative adventure,” which seemed relaxed at first, but eventually revealed a story with more emotional depth than people expected.

It takes two time to view using one of the following links:

  • PC requires two -Steam USD 19.99 (original price USD 39.99)
  • PC/Xbox Series X|S requires two -Amazon $19.99 (original price $39.99)
  • PS4/Xbox One requires two -GameStop $19.99 (original price $39.99)
  • PS4 requires two -Target USD 19.99 (original price USD 39.99)
  • PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S require two -Best Buy for $19.99 (original price of $39.99)

  • Steam specifies that its sales will end on January 5. It is not clear whether other retailers are following the same schedule. Nonetheless, those interested in the best game of the year will have a hard time finding a deal that is half the price of this critically acclaimed game.

    It requires two for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Remember: this is a cooperative game, so choose a platform where you can play with your partners!As always, follow us Jelly sale Get more discounts on award-winning games and other major deals on Twitter.