6 horror movies like Malignant also explain the origin of the wild ending

A friend who was screened early Malignant Say this is by far the worst movie spiritualism with insidious Director James Wan, and every contender on the “Worst of 2021” list. This description triggered one thing for this writer: he was full of unbridled excitement about any madness that Wan Suo created. The worst movies don’t cause any feelings, and when I go home from the theater (or go upstairs after the set-up of the family and premiere, because it is usually allowed in 2021), it is difficult for me to remember any specific details.

Malignant Not that kind of movie.

James Wan shines in his latest horror movie. Yes, some questionable decisions can be found in its 112-minute running time (including, uh, 112-minute running time), but these decisions come from a person who made it clear that he was not interested in his in the past 17 years Any appearance of reality in the project (remind Dom and Brian Fury 7 Drive through one but two The skyscraper landed in one third).Even when dealing with fact-based things spiritualism In movies, Wan likes to challenge himself, embrace the inherent hypocrisy like a huge crooked ghost, and then figure out how to scare you. He usually succeeds.

And he obviously loves and respects the horror masters of the past. When talking about the great craftsmen of this type, their names are often mentioned together with his name.Always Malignant, A savvy horror fan should feel at home, because the script (by Wan, Ingrid Bisu, and Accra Cooper) is mainly influenced by Italian films in the 70s and 80s, but also The thrills of the amusement park in the late 90s/early 00s of the Dark Castle, Hammer Terror​​​, And the more polarizing entries in the films of Wes Craven and John Carpenter. However, it is still undoubtedly his, complex photographic technique, (indoor!) fog machine speed adjusted to 11, bright red and blue is a characteristic of all his previous types of practice.

Anyone who only knows Wan is because of his billion dollar blockbuster, such as Neptune with Fury 7 May be thrown into a loop by this method.Even for those who are familiar with spiritualism (Keeping their weirdness to a relatively low level) may benefit from a little introduction to horror movies in the past, which immediately come to mind when you watch them.So consider this list; if you put these six movies in a blender and project the results, it might be a bit like Malignant.

[Ed. note: This list includes spoilers for James Wan’s Malignant, so if you’d like to avoid that, go watch the movie in theaters or on HBO Max.]

Deathly silence

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After making his directorial debut saw, Wan’s second grade movie, Deathly silence, When it was released in early 2007 (between the third and fourth release) saw), but the audience just can’t understand the movie’s weird puppet-driven plot or Hammer’s horror aesthetics.Although confused in tone due to studio intervention (contrary to the norm, Wan and partner Leigh Whannell wanted a PG-13 atmosphere; the studio wanted R grade saw-Like blood), Deathly silence A lot of things are set for the filmmakers’ classics: unusual supernatural elements, an outdoor world that always seems to be cloudy (low budget saw No location), and-the most important thing is Malignant -Faced with the promise of jaw-dropping plot twists.Rated version Deathly silence It is a better choice, but if you look for and want these two options, unrated will add more blood.

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Tenebrio molitor

Ania Pieroni as Elsa Manni in Dark

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Many of Dario Argento’s gialli involve an innocent person who witnessed the murder and was suspected, but dark Version closest Malignant, Because the evidence shows that it’s not just being in the wrong place at the right time.Here, the author Peter Neal (played by Anthony Francioza) is very upset when he learns that someone is killing people who have contacted him through his new book (his agent, obsessed fans, etc.). picture Malignant The protagonist McGrady (Annabel Wallis) finds that those who have witnessed her death consider her a child. Argento’s work is the same as Wan’s work, a matter of love or hate, but the 1982 Tenebrio molitor It is one of the easiest (read: coherent) entries in his film work, and if you are new to this unique director’s work, then it is a good starting point.

Tenebrio molitor Currently available shudder.


Francisco Ducci (Gianni Garko) and Virginia Ducci (Jennifer O'Neill) opened a letter across the mirror.

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Compared with Lucio Fulci, Argento is actually the mainstream of the Disney level, the latter may not be as skilled as his contemporaries, or at least not often have competent staff. 1977’s Psychic Not his best movie, but this is the last traditional giallo movie he made before he reached the top Zombie And his other more famous undead movies, horror fans might think MalignantThe center of the plot is a woman who saw a scene of death that she did not appear, at least in the first half of the film before the big revelation became center stage.Tarantino fan reward: you will recognize the movie-themed music he used in the movie Kill bill.

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My soul

A scary masked statue with a cardboard sign on it that says

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In a perfect world, this and not Scream 4 It was originally Wes Craven’s last movie (well, in a perfect world, neither is it, but you know what I mean).Released a few months before his swan song of the 2010s My soul It was also written by the filmmaker, making it a “more real” Craven film than another Woodsboro tour written by Williamson/Kruger.Craven’s story about the soul of a serial killer who was born in a small town in Massachusetts on the same night of seven children is old-fashioned nonsense by the filmmaker, which he previously explored in his potential franchise debut Similar realm of soul ShockThe horror genre certainly has many bugnuts story concepts, but usually they are made by people who don’t know how to point the camera. Seeing it from legitimate filmmakers like Craven or Wan is what makes this confusing idea enter the must-see field, even if it’s just for the absolute bravado of promising something so unbalanced.

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A woman who was wet by the downpour crying

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It’s Akinto again!If you pass Tenebrio molitor And found out that he wanted more, and then got a deeper understanding of his madness in returning to the giallo-esque fare (and the first personal film made entirely in the United States) in 1993, which shared “Retaliation against the Doctor” “Background story, although in some respects even more ridiculous than that Malignant. It also has a unique weapon made from an item of the victim: although Malignant‘s Gabriel used the tip of his first victim’s Caduceus award, traumaThe killer uses “Noose-O-Matic” in surgical tools.The two even shared the killer doll movie royalties; Annabel Wallis reunited with Wan after starring in the first movie Annabel, with trauma There is no one else except for the basic person, Brad Dorif.

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A mutated child sits in the basket, with his mouth wide open in the basket.

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If you just want more movies here, like Malignant (Bless you), or don’t care about spoilers at all, then it is certain that Wan’s movie is not the first to use conjoined twins that have never been fully formed as its opponent.You may have seen some tweets alluding to “a movie I can’t name without spoilers Malignant Distortion”-well, that movie is actually Basket, Frank Henenlotter’s debut in the independent horror film. This movie tells you directly what happened; the normal-looking Duane (Kevin Van Hentenrick) was separated from his mutant twin Beria when they were young, and now the two are facing the doctor who split them Seeking revenge, the eldest brother took another in the basket to carry out their treatment revenge plan. Basket It’s at the other end of the budget and with different hues, but it is a perfect example of how a particular idea can produce very different results based on the resources and sensitivity of the filmmaker.

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