7 Most Memorable Twitch Streams

The latest series of polygons, Streaming masterpieceIntroducing new classics born from the evolving era of entertainment.

Since its inception in 2011, Twitch has been popular with DIY live entertainment. Initially, the platform was designed for live streaming of games. Anyone with enough computers has provided unique features such as the ability to broadcast yourself playing a video game and a live chat feed that allows you to interact with your viewers. Since then, the platform has grown to include concerts, live political commentary, and chat shows. With Twitch, you can do almost anything, but you have to do it live.

Competing video platforms like YouTube also add the possibility for people to stream live, but Twitch exists only to support real-time entertainment. Content creators can save video recordings of streams online, but they cannot upload edited videos. So what is Twitch’s masterpiece? It depends on preparation. It cannot be edited like a feature film or Vine. And in many cases, the audience is involved to make it really special.

Twitch’s masterpieces don’t necessarily show really cool or “poggers” play, but they don’t have to show memorable moments shared by a collective viewer. This list is a catalog of online events that helped push Twitch further into the mainstream, or helped shape Twitch itself.

The community Pokemon Game (February 12, 2014)

At the debut of Twitch plays Pokemon In 2014, the platform became one huge collaborative game.Here’s how it worked: A bot designed for Twitch has been played Pokemon red, Its actions are completely controlled by the viewer entering commands in live chat. When someone writes the word “above” in a Twitch chat, the character in the live stream game moves up. However, as many as 8,000 viewers chat with a large number of commands at the same time, and the characters on the screen respond in turn. The result was chaotic, but over time, the turmoil spawned order and the community defeated the game in about a month.

Steam helped showcase Twitch’s potential to offer a unique form of entertainment. Twitch Studio Production Director Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham I explained like this: “[Twitch Plays Pokémon] Twitch’s media has proved that innovation is ripe (and still is) and that there are new and exciting ways to create unprecedented interactive content. ”

Ninja grows into a full-fledged star (March 15, 2018)

In 2018, Twitch was already a well-known platform. In 2014, Acquired by Amazon Streaming services, and platforms, have become known to executives of popular content creators. As a featured game in the late 2010s Fortnite As Twitch began to find viewers, he also found the true first star, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

Until the moment of breakout, Brevins wasn’t exactly known. At the beginning of 2018, he gained about 50,000 subscribers in a month and regularly tuned to each stream with hundreds of thousands of viewers. Hip-hop artist Drake joins the stream in March 2018 Fortnite, Brevins has become a genuine icon. At its peak, Blevins Stream and Drake With over 635,000 simultaneous viewers, it broke Twitch’s record.

The appearance of people like Drake in the stream didn’t just get a lot of attention. It showed that Twitch stars could become famous on their own. It pulled Blevins to a place that other Twitch streamers hadn’t previously occupied. Since Stream, Blevins has won book deals, starred in Super Bowl ads, and Estimated $ 17 million in 2019Blevins temporarily left Twitch for exclusive streaming on Mixer, but returned after signing a deal rumored to be valued in 2020. $ 30 million for ForbesThe Drake stream represented an early high in both Blevins’ career and Twitch’s history.

PaladinAmber shuts down haters (July 23, 2019)

Twitch helps break down some barriers between stars and viewers by providing live chat where viewers can ask questions, but it’s still not interrelated. In many cases, viewers feel that they know or are friends with the streamer, even if the streamer does not know their fans. Amber “Paladin Amber” Wadam It gained popularity by shutting out trolls and familiar viewers in a hilarious way.She uses when streaming Multiple cameras and overlays Dispel rude viewers with comedy and elegance.

She uses a running bit to set up a stream like an old-fashioned infomercial trying to sell something for $ 19.95. For example, suppose someone asks, “How much is a hug?” She responds by seamlessly migrating to use overlays that make the CM look like it’s narrating. “Do you want to know how much it will cost for a hug? Yes, you guessed it, it would be messed up in 1990. No one touches me. I don’t want to be touched.” She said these When you convey the lines, the camera angle switches and captures her applause from multiple angles and zoom settings. Clips and her little commitment are a fun way to use Twitch production, but at the same time remind viewers of the boundaries of interacting with their favorite streamers.

Chan Chan dazzles us with a knee copter (July 9, 2020)

Anything can happen in live entertainment. And there’s no other event on Twitch that captures the thrills and surprises of someone watching live on Twitch, more than Chan Chan does a “Knee Copter.”

When did it start Fortnite Streamer Edge Host Chan Chan After the stream. Chang Chan, who was always streaming LEGO builds, was very excited to see the new viewers sent by Edgey. Chan Chan has even started a full-fledged dance routine to the Caramel Dansen pop song “Caramel Girls”.

Spontaneous performance was electricalHe excites the viewer with knee coptering (a dance move that moves weight from foot to knee and slides smoothly on the floor) throughout the living room, and heads to the characteristic movements of the rabbit ears to the song. I fluttered on the top. A bright and cheerful song and Chan Chan’s smile illuminate the entire room, and a lucky person who saw the performance engages in a live spam chat using a flame emote.

Twitch becomes a means of political change (October 20, 2020)

As Twitch continues to grow and expand its influence among young people, politicians are also seizing the opportunity to use the platform as a way to reach new audiences. As part of our efforts to acquire voting rights US House of Representatives Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (DN.Y.) Streamed the hit murder mystery game. Among us Twitch has 435,000 viewers.

The event has grown rapidly and is attended by any of the famous streamers. In addition to Ocasio Cortez, Imane “Pokimane” Anise, Rachel “Valkirae” Hoffstetter, Corpse Husband and others participated. Ocasio-Cortez joked with others and touched on important political topics such as access to medical care while killing a spaceship and plotting in-game. Not only did this stream love Ocasio Cortez for its viewers, it also created a blueprint for how politicians can maintain relevance. As Polygon wrote at the time, Ocasio-Cortez’s Twitch stream showed that “modern, tech-savvy politicians attract fans as well as supporters.”

31-day sleep feast (March 14, 2021)

The rules were simple Ludwig Ahgren’s Twitch Subatson: Each time he gets a subscription, he extends the length of the stream by 10 seconds. At the start, He didn’t think he was streaming so long — Streaming per day requires as many as 8,640 subscriptions, which can take a day or two. You can imagine Streamer’s surprise as the number of subscribers continues to grow each day. This stunt will eventually deliver him for 31 consecutive days, the maximum number of Twitch subscribers previously set by Blevins. I broke the record.

Record-breaking streams also helped popularize lesser-known streaming methods on Twitch. Ludwig introduced the concept of “sleep streams” to viewers when he was streaming day and night. At one point, about 65,400 live viewers were watching just to see him lying on the bed of a red race car.

The event also felt like a very necessary sedative during the pandemic. It looked intimate and realistic, showing viewers a snapshot of Ludwig’s daily life. But it also provided the collective sentiment that thousands of people tuned in and spammed chats with Ludwig-themed emotes made of his face. There are tuned people. There was a heavy feeling of witnessing the huge and shared moment of the seed, and it happened that Ludwig was at the center of everything.

“Perfect” Mario Execution (April 7, 2021)

Speedrunning has long been a staple of Twitch. Not only can people record the unusual feats of streamers, but they also provide a place to hang out online for months, sometimes years, to complete play in one game. And while there are plenty of record-breaking amazing speedruns out there, one that stands out is the current world record for NES Super Mario Bros.

The mere idea of ​​4:54 Super Mario Bros. seemed like a dream. In theory, a 4:54 run was possible. YouTuber had Disassembled for each frame To show how you can do that. The only problem was that no one was confident that humans could do it. It wasn’t just about placing Mario perfectly within a pixel distance. Speedrunners also had to take advantage of glitches that required Mario to be placed in a specific location on the ending flagpole. This complicates execution and makes it the most difficult thing in the speed running community. However, Niftski did that in 2021., He succeeded in completing one of the most difficult runs in the history of speed runs.

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