8th Annual Bloxy Awards: Complete Winner List

On March 27th, the 8th Bloxy Awards, a virtual award ceremony, celebrated the most amazing Roblox experience and creators with nearly a million people from around the world.

Long before the show premiered, valuable galaxy players, creators, and developers gathered at the Bloxys Hub’s tech spaceport. Visitors roamed the world of science fiction, voted for popular categories, and chased virtual goods for a limited time in a space-age complex. But it was all just a prelude to the upcoming adventure.

When the show day came, excited Metaverse tourists rushed to the venue to travel through the popular Roblox experience. World // Zero, RB battle, And Hire me. The event drew Over 26 million visits, And at once 855,000 players I was experiencing action-packed seconds at the same time. In addition to the organizer JParty, the adventure was attended by Roblox celebrities Rovi23, TanqR, iamSanna, KreekCraft and LeahAshe. In addition, music fans were overwhelmed by the incredible set of British rock duo Royal Blood and appeared on the virtual stage with stylish avatars custom designed and animated for performance.

The winners of this year are:

Best showcase – – Rotterdam, Grand Haven Along Super Snell 11

Best live event – – RB battle Along RB battle game

Best game trailer – – Tower defense simulator Along Paradoxum game

Best new game – – Brookhaven Along Wolfpack

The most immersive experience – – World // Zero Along Red Manta Studio

Mobile Games of the Year – – Super golf! Along Nosney game

Best Video Content Creator – – Creek Craft

Best sleeper hit – – Super Doom Spire Along Catastrophic

Optimal use of technology – – Tank battle Along IndieBox Studio

Xbox Game of the Year – – Phantom Force Along StyLiS Studio

Roblox Video of the Year – – FGTeeV – Psycho PIG Music Video

The most educational game – – Lua learning Along Boat bomber

Creator of the Year – – Mini toon

Game of the Year – – Piggy Along Mini toon

Builderman Excellence Award – – Piggy Along Mini toon

Most popular UGC items – – Shadow head Along Maple stick

Problem solver – – Colbert 2677

Best incubator / accelerator game – – Tank battle Along IndieBox Studio

Most installed plug-in – – Moon animator Along xSIXx

Most simultaneous players – – Hire me! Along Dream craft

Most visited – – Hire me! Along Dream craft

Maximum total play time in 2020 – – Hire me! Along Dream craft

Best international hit – – Prison life Along aesthetic

Most participating Roblox group – – Flamingo fan club Along mrflimflam

Congratulations to this year’s stars, hosts, and great winners! In addition to the physical trophies, you’ll receive a virtual version for your avatar to display with pride. No matter where you go in the Metaverse, everyone knows what they have achieved.

Want to relive all the glory, excitement and adventure of Bloxys? Visit to experience the entire show every hour. 8th Annual Bloxy Award HubThe show version will also be uploaded. Official Roblox YouTube account.