A 17-year-old arrested on suspicion of hacking, allegedly behind GTA 6 leaks

A 17-year-old man was arrested in Oxfordshire yesterday on suspicion of hacking.according to Reporter Matthew Case As well as the sources they spoke to, they are said to be involved in the GTA 6 hack that led to a major leak of information over the weekend, and was also linked to previous hacks of Uber. The source also claimed that the arrests were made by the City of London Police in cooperation with the FBI.

From what has been confirmed, The City of London Police have come forward and announced the arrest of a In Oxfordshire, as part of an investigation by the NCA UK’s National Cybercrime Unit. Currently in police custody, police have not confirmed whether they have been arrested in connection with the GTA 6 hack, although according to journalist Matthew Keys, the City of London Police will release another statement later today. An FBI statement is also likely to be released soon.

GTA V, latest release This entry in the series, got a next-gen update earlier this year!

The hackers responsible for GTA 6 publicly stated earlier this week that they were seeking a “deal” with Rockstar (thanks gamebytes), but things have calmed down since then. Rockstar Games did confirm that the leaked assets were legitimate, which led to an influx of industry support, with many other developers releasing early versions of their own games to show that GTA 6, which the world has seen as a result of the leak, is unlikely to be related to The final product is similar.

According to Matthew Keys, the hackers arrested Thursday are believed to be linked to a group called “Lapsus$.” They are also believed to organize and communicate via Telegram and publicly available encrypted messaging apps.

As of now, no further details about the arrest have been released by the police or other agencies, so we’ll have to wait and see if the alleged hacker is indeed to blame for the GTA 6 leak.

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