A bittersweet birthday is about the bullet hell adventure of a boy and his bird brother

exist Bittersweet birthday Demonstration, I am just a precocious little boy with a head full of hair and a backpack on his shoulders. Here, however, I woke up in a cold, sterile cell deep in an abandoned laboratory. The sound on the radio warned me to be careful. I crawled over the damaged hospital bed, the blood-stained door, and the big button used to activate containment procedures.For what initially looked like a cute adventure ala Earthbound or Undertale, this is no The tone I expected from the beginning. Soon after, I was trapped in a huge metal room, and a young mixed crow who called himself Dark Sun was shooting hundreds of arrows and fireballs at me.

This is the bullet hell experience that anyone who has played Eldest Souls or Titan Souls will be familiar with. My screen quickly filled with waves of feathers, which cut into my body or exploded on the delayed fuse. Every once in a while, my enemy will rush through the arena, leaving fire behind him. My only solution is to dodge and quickly counterattack with a combination of three punches, applying pressure when I break his attention and stun him to the ground. After several cruel attempts, I finally won. What greeted me was not an answer, but suddenly turned to the side of a scenic cliff overlooking the vast coastal mountains. A bittersweet birthday is certainly not afraid of large-scale pitch changes.

My crow acquaintance reappeared in the sky, vowing to avenge a 13-year-old Goth child for discovering Edgar Allan Poe’s theatrical performance. It turned out that he was my brother Rock. He was quickly scolded by our co-mother. She reminded him that he needed to start work to protect the town from disaster. Only mother is not… mother. She is a bunch of problematic pixels that can walk and talk, as lifelike as Tetris. Even in this unfamiliar and rapidly changing world, she stands out. But if this is important to the player character and his so-called bird brother, no one commented on it.

(Image source: World Eater Games)

From there, the Bittersweet Birthday presentation quickly transformed into the familiar old-school RPG adventure format. My mother reminded Rocc and me that there is a concert in our bustling village tonight, and my brother, as the guardian of the area, has a responsibility to ensure that no one in the town or anyone attending the concert will be harmed. Roque snorted and reminded his mother that the “great villain” had disappeared for nine generations, and that his previous guardians of the same birdman did not do anything worthy of attention. This is completely a lore, but it is handled elegantly enough, and it flows out slowly, I really want to see where the strange story of the two brothers will go.