A description of Loki’s Time-Keepers and their future Marvel connections

First episode of Loki on Disney plus Made some major lifts. The pilot not only summarized the entire history of the mischievous god, but also introduced the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the time-varying agency, and a whole new area of ​​its mysterious ruler, the Timekeepers. -Raw’s Judge Renslayer.

by LokiThe Timekeeper, the ultimate arbitrator of the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, determines the actions that belong to the so-called “holy timeline” and those that require crackdown and eradication or “pruning” and give those instructions to the TVA. Space bureaucracy. And so far, this is all we know about the TV version of Time-Keepers.

The presence of a timekeeper adds an important folklore twist to the known Marvel Cinematic Universe. There is a larger cosmic world beyond the most divine flex seen in the Infinity Saga. The multiverse logic becomes more complex only if: Spider-Man: No Way Home And Doctor Strange of Madness roll over. But, Loki According to creator Michael Waldron, completely rocking the MCU wasn’t a big deal.

Timekeeper Loki
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“For me, [Loki] Operate as if you could do anything, pitch the biggest and crazy ideas you can think of, and answer no when you say no, “Waldron told Polygon. “With Marvel and Kevin [Feige], There is no limit to your imagination. It was our mission to make Loki’s show the best possible, so if there’s enough discussion about why something makes this show great, we’ll do it. Fits the wider world of MCUs. Sell ​​and come up with crazy folklore: in reality, it’s not as difficult as one might think. “

So who is the timekeeper?What role have they played in Marvel Comics over the years? And how the event Loki Would you like to reconstruct what we know about MUC? The book has a lot to tell us.

What does the Marvel Comics timekeeper look like?

The Avengers sit on a high platform accompanied by Immortus and approach the appearance of three timekeepers in robes.

The Avengers and Timekeeper Encounter
Image: Marvel Comics

In Marvel Comics, a timekeeper was created by the last director of the Time Variance Authority at the end of the time, and was generally tasked with protecting the entire timeline. Loki, They are a triumvirate of robed figures and rarely appear to mortals. Two of them have a more masculine look and one has a more feminine look. And everything looks very different.

Although they were created by members of the Time Variance Authority and have similar goals, Time-Keepers are not the supreme ruler of the comic TVA. In fact, they are much more likely to be associated with the time-traveling supervillain Immortus.

Time-Keepers recruited Immortus not only as a student but also as a prisoner. The timekeeper, in exchange for teaching him about the timeline, monitors part of the time and remains a complex mess from the time travel plot he committed when he was young when he went under the name Kang. I imposed him on the original. Conqueror.

And wear a hat when I say this. But …

Can the Conqueror is the villain of the next Ant-Man movie

A title card labeled Ant-Man &. Wasp: Quantumania

Image: Marvel Studios

Late 2020, Jonathan Majors (Lovecraft County) Joined the cast Ant-Man and Wasp: QuantumaniaReports at the time suggested that he was set up to play the role of the conqueror Kang, the dictator of time travel, who eventually grew into Immortus, the servant of the timekeeper.

But more entwined! Through Immortus, Time-Keepers was also involved in trying to control the cartoon Scarlet Witch, whose chaos magic distorted reality and made her a threat to the timeline. You can meet the car SS color witch again Doctor Strange of Madness, By Michael Waldron.

Time Keepers, Kang the Conqueror, and Scarlet Witch can all be part of the next big thing in the pipeline of the Multiverse over time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or, over the years, everything in the Marvel Comics universe could just be connected to everything else. A few How to do it.

Time — and timekeeper — will tell you.

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