A Diablo-like Lost Ark will be officially launched in the West on February 11

Lost Ark Finally, it actually landed in most parts of the west-you only need to wait a while to get it.

As part of the 2021 Game Awards ceremony tonight, Smilegate and Amazon announced the official release date of “Lost Ark”, a free ARPG-MMO hybrid game similar to Diablo. The game has been available in South Korea, parts of Asia, and later Russia for years-but it has only now landed correctly in the West.

The Lost Ark landed on the PC on February 11, 2022.If you buy Any of the four founders’ packages (Starting at US$15), you will start Early Access from February 8.On these dates, the game will be launched in North America, Europe, Latin America and Oceania In those countries.

Amazon Games, which is responsible for localization and adapting games for the West in several other areas, is releasing it.You can buy it on steam And Amazon.

The open world of Lost Ark has multiple huge unique biomes, where you can choose any of the 15 professions to adventure, kill monsters, and perform some MMO activities, such as collection, crafting, farming, raids, and PvP.

In November, Dorrani personally experienced “The Lost Ark” and was deeply impressed by the spectacle, the action-heavy gameplay, and the scale and visual effects of the game. You can watch the full video below to learn about some gameplay and his extensive impressions.