A dream come true: Somerville’s new face

Jumpship, the development studio that works for Somerville, was founded in 2017 and has some big names behind it. According to The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley, in 2019, two years later, a developer shared his dream of seeing the studio’s first project on the big stage of the show. At tonight’s awards ceremony, Keighley seemed willing to realize this wish because he launched a new trailer for Somerville.

The trailer is tense and mysterious, from the creepy flashing of an abandoned toy store to a scene showing a speeding spacecraft. It didn’t reveal much about what fans can get from the instant game, nor did it announce a clear release date, but it did showcase the game’s fantastic beauty and exciting tone.

Although this video received the iconic “world premiere” treatment of the Game Awards, it is actually the latest of our several views in Somerville. Earlier this summer, the title of Jumpship became the focus of Microsoft’s E3 event. The trailer is equally mysterious, although it introduces the idea that the game will follow a once quiet world visited by hostile alien entities. Hope we can see more games and get the release date soon.