A lickable screen that can imitate taste is under development

Fantasy food can be such a strange and evocative part of the overall experience, especially in video games. Just like in movies and books, it can be used as a small decoration to the overall structure of the world by showing us what the people who actually live there will eat, but usually it goes one step further. In games, you usually need to obtain or at least make food, and these foods usually provide benefits such as health or strength. The food in some games may be the focus, or just a glimpse of the deeper world, but they all lack flavor.

Of course, I am not the only one who says that I want to really taste the food of video games. The dishes I cook at Genshin Impact are very beautiful and often claim that they are the heritage of the city. I can’t eat them almost like a crime. Please allow me to experience a monster hunter’s feast before the hunt, or experience a rebalanced food preparation meal before going to the Walheim raid. I want to try the crunchy chicken bones in Fable 4. At least, I think I did it this way.