A list of new Nintendo Switch Pros found on Amazon

By Dom Pepiat
May 30, 2021 17:04 GMT

Product list New Nintendo Switch Pro Has temporarily appeared on Amazon Mexico, fueling rumors that Japanese platform holders will soon announce a new hardware model.

Twitter user Alphabeat I replied to the popular game Twitter account Wario64 with a screenshot that I think was taken from Amazon Mexico and displayed an empty list of consoles called New Nintendo Switch Pro (thanks, VGC).

list It was then deleted. Was this just a placeholder page, or did someone in Amazon Mexico quickly reveal more than something they should accidentally touch? It’s worth it that Amazon Mexico previously imaged it. I’ve seen them share products with. The existence of Spyro Reignited Trilogy comes from retailers, as does the list of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Of course, Nintendo hasn’t officially announced the new Nintendo Switch.

Earlier this week, we saw a new report suggesting that the next Nintendo Switch model will go into production in July 2021 and will be retail-released by September.

The information in this report is in line with previous suggestions that the new switch model uses a 7-inch 720p rigid OLED panel (an improvement over the current switch’s 6.2-inch LCD panel) and can provide 4K graphics when docked. I am doing it. TV set.

I’ve heard reports of new switch models for some time, but hardware updates have begun as far back as 2018). Nintendo remains silent about future versions of the Switch, but it seems likely that it will be announced shortly if things get worse.

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