A new dividing cell is under development-report

Ubisoft has started to develop new Dividing cell game.This is based on a VGC According to the report, the project was only approved recently.

However, it is interesting that the team responsible for the new cell division does not belong to the Ubisoft Montreal Group. The report does not say which studio is actually reviving it, or what kind of project it will become.

However, it does say that Ubisoft hopes to make up for Split Cell fans who are frustrated by the publisher’s attempts to ignore the series, just bringing it back to one-off VR and mobile products. This shows that the next game will be a core entrance.

Finally, the report suggests that new dividing cells may be announced as early as next year.

The latest cell division game is Division Cell: Blacklist in 2013. This is the easiest game in the series, and it is widely acclaimed for its mechanics. However, many older fans regret their move away from the classic stealth, and Michael Ironside did not voice Sam Fisher.

Ubisoft did eventually allow Michael Ironside to play Fisher in several missions in “Ghost Recon: Wilderness” to participate in limited-time events, which sparked rumors about the development of new dividing cells.