A new Ghost Recon game has entered development

Last Wednesday (April 5) marked the end of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint update. A tweet posted on the game’s official Twitter account said: “We will continue to maintain the servers for Ghost Recon: Wilderness and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and we sincerely hope you will continue to enjoy the game, either solo or co-op. Game fun. With your friends.” While Breakpoint is over, a new Ghost Recon game has entered development.

according to small house, the next exaggerated chapter in Tom Clancy’s illustrious military universe is codenamed OVER. According to reports, the game has been in development for more than a year and may launch in 2023. As far as fans are concerned, this quick turnaround could be a good thing. The recent Ghost Recon experience hasn’t been as successful as other Tom Clancy games like Rainbow Six and The Division. For example, Breakpoint may have alienated its players after Ubisoft put its NFT-based Quartz beta into the shooter’s skin rotation.

The only mainline Ghost Recon game announced and showcased was Frontline, “a massive first-person PVP shooter with epic 100+ player battles,” with an entire sandbox called Drakemoor Island. You can read more about live service games here. With the advent of XDefiant, it is worth considering whether the real-time service model might also become the focus of the mysterious OVER project. Only time will tell.

[Source: Kotaku]