A new legend for the Mana Anime TV series has been announced

Earlier this month, our own Kimberly Wallace wrote a fun feature on why gamers need to check out their beloved Legend of Mana RPG franchise in the hope of more adventure along the way. She seems to have fulfilled her wishes as Square Enix has announced that a new Legend of Mana anime TV series is underway.

Square Enix today released news about the next anime, along with the first look, along with some promotional art shown below.

square Enix

The official title of the Legend of Mana anime Legend of Mana-Teardrop Crystal And follow the recently released manna title. Warner Brothers Japan LLC, Graphinica Co., Ltd., Yokohama Animation Laboratory collaborate to release a new work worldwide. If you are familiar with Yokohama Animation Laboratory, you may remember it as the company that created this company. Animation opening for Legend of Mana movies.

The Legend of Mana began its RPG-loving journey at the Trials of Mana in 1995 and has since grown into a fantasy powerhouse. “What I like about the Legend of Mana is that it doesn’t hold your hand and forces you to look for your own story in its various landscapes,” Wallace said. I said when I urged Game informer Readers who give the latest remaster a chance. “I see the game as one big storybook, but I need to find a page. I advance the story by encountering vignettes triggered by exploration and placement of artifacts. These are stories and gameplay. There is no level beyond welcome to provide short slices .. Interact with the world, combine pieces, follow characters by watching events, villagers discuss issues and go to problem scenes, etc. Rejuvenating a short adventure in is satisfying. Ending with some cliff hangers in these chapters, others are stand-alone, but my favorite part is the variety within these stories. This can be deeply philosophical, but balanced by a more humorous and easy-going adventure. “

There is no release information at this time. Legend of Mana It’s an anime TV series, but at least we know it’s in progress.

What do you think about the announcement that the Legend of Mana anime will appear in the pipeline? What do you want to see in the upcoming TV version? Yell at your hot take in the comments section below!