A new report details the departures of Ubisoft’s internal employees

A new report from Onexios Explain in detail the large-scale exodus that occurred at Ubisoft.

Aksios The report on the outflow stated that the company’s colleagues referred to what was happening as “great outflow” and “artery cut.” These colleagues described the exodus at Ubisoft as something they had never seen before. Reasons included low salaries, competitive opportunities, the company’s recent creative direction frustration, and recent scandals surrounding video game development and publishing companies.

The report also stated that “of the company’s largest game in 2021, Far Cry 6’s top 25 people, at least 5 people, [are] Has disappeared,” and pointed out that in terms of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, 12 of the top 50 developers of the game have also left. It’s important to note that, of course, the situation where the developers leave the company after finishing the game work does not Not uncommon, but Aksios Speaking with a dozen current and former Ubisoft employees, they said that these departures were part of the company’s massive exodus.

Aksios LinkedIn pointed out that Ubisoft’s Montreal and Toronto studios “have laid off at least 60 employees in the past six months,” and two Ubisoft current developers said that the outflow of employees has caused the project to stall and slow down.

A developer told the publication that, considering all the company’s recent scandals, leaving the company was “an easy target for recruiters”, while another former Ubisoft employee left after being disappointed by the company’s Paris headquarters’ instructions. And quoted “There are some things about management and creativity that really become the minimum [them] Leave. ”

However, Aksios Contacting Ubisoft, management told the publication that it was at the peak of the exodus. Although the turnover rate is rising, the company has also hired 2,600 employees since April.

“Our churn rate today is a few percentage points higher than usual… but it is still within industry norms,” ​​Ubisoft’s head of personnel Anika Grant told Aksios.

Elsewhere in the report, a programmer told the publication that they could get a job with three times the salary after leaving Ubisoft. Grant said that Ubisoft recently gave all employees in its Canadian office a pay increase, “These pay increases have increased retention by 50%.”

This report was released one summer later, when employees were dissatisfied with Ubisoft’s management and its handling of internal scandals. As early as July, a new report showed that many Ubisoft employees were dissatisfied with the way the leadership handled “Me too”. In October 2020, a report showed that 25% of Ubisoft employees experienced or witnessed the workplace Misconduct.

In other Ubisoft news, the company announced last week that it is developing a remake of “Split Cell.”For more information on Ubisoft’s reported employee exodus, please see Aksios Full report.

[Source: Axios]