A new weapon brother game is underway

Gearbox’s boss revealed a new existence Comrades-in-arms Latest game AIAS game maker’s notebook Podcast, although he is not ready to make an official announcement. “We are developing another Weapon Brothers game, but I won’t say s*** until we have it,” Pitchford said.

This news is very interesting, because since the Hell Highway in 2008, we have not seen the new console version of the Brothers in Arms game. Since then, the Brothers in Arms franchise has been a mobile franchise issued by Gameloft. Another interesting thing is that we don’t know if this represents the return of a real console, or if Gearbox is making another mobile game.

Randy Pitchford (Randy Pitchford) has been talking about reviving the “Brothers at Fire” series for most of the past decade, whether it’s through the cancelled “Fast and Furious 4” or just the hype that hasn’t been achieved Potential return.

Brothers in Arms is a squad-based World War II shooting game series, which combines first-person and third-person perspectives. It is one of the early shooting games that implemented a cover system. The series received positive reviews before disappearing and mobile monetization plans.

Gearbox adopted a similar strategy when announcing Borderlands 3, as it waited until the game was in beta before showing the game to the public. When it comes to revealing this new “Brothers at Fire” game, developers may take a similar route. Time will tell us how it turns out.