A patch to fix the “game bug” related to the resident service in “Animal Crossing New Horizons” will be launched this month

Today is the release of the “Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home” DLC announced by Nintendo a few months ago. Unfortunately, with the release of Metroid Fear on October 8, this is not a completely smooth experience for some players.

Nintendo mentioned in its official accounts in Australia and New Zealand that “Animal Crossing New Horizons players with Happy Home DLC may encounter game errors if they access the residents’ service when the airport gate is open and request to renovate the residents’ homes. We recommend Players should not try to transform the homes of residents on the island when the airport gate is open. As long as the airport gate is closed, you will not encounter these game errors when transforming the houses of the residents on the island.”

Nintendo stated that if you encounter these errors, please end the game session, close the game, and restart. According to Nintendo, your saved files will not be affected. As for the fix, Nintendo confirmed that they will “share more details soon and will release a patch to fix this issue this month.” Their tweets about this matter are as follows.