A quiet place video game announced in 2022

A video game based on the popular horror movie franchise, Quiet Place, is under development. Upcoming games from Sabre Interactive and Illogika will be launched sometime in 2022.

If you are not familiar with this movie, their background is a post-apocalyptic earth, replaced by blind but powerful monsters that are highly sensitive to sound. These creatures have wiped out most humans and viciously hunted down anything that makes noise, so the survivors have adapted to a completely silent life. Preventive measures include maintaining isolation from other people and using sign language to communicate. quiet place Released in 2018, and its sequel, Quiet place part twoIt premiered in May of this year and was well received.

A Quiet Place (the game) takes place in the same universe as the movie, but tells an original story. In terms of style, this is a single-player story-driven horror adventure, but neither Saber nor Illogika revealed more. However, the two companies promised to share more information later this year.

Illogika served as the developer of the project and assisted in the development of a variety of games, such as Cuphead, Hyper Scape, Spiritfarer and Session. This Montreal-based studio is made up of veteran former Ubisoft talents from Rainbox Six and Far Cry franchises.

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