A review of the shadow of the soul impact in the blizzard

thank you very much Version 2.3 Special Program Stream Just launched, we saw the upcoming new major update for the first time Primordial shock. It turns out that this is an informative update-full of a lot of content we were looking forward to.

This article will take you through every piece of information we obtained during the live broadcast, so that you can quickly browse and find the content you are interested in.

Genshin Impact Itto Arataki-First look at the infamous gang leader

We first learned about Ito Shintaki, the leader of the ghost tribe with lightning descent. He is a geographic character and has a large club that can cause a lot of damage. Ito Shintaki is voiced by Max Mittelman, who has played major roles in anime and games, for example, he played Damon in “The Heroes No Longer 3”.

His equipment is completely aimed at multiple powerful blows, because Ito Shinaki can release his unique resource-super power-to launch additional slash attacks. With his talent, these attacks will only become stronger and stronger over time.

He also has a pet bull, which he can throw at enemies to cause damage and taunt their attacks. Cute pets will run away as soon as they get enough damage.

The special move is to trigger the devil’s form. This is where he pulled out his signature club. He will lose resistance, but will get higher damage based on his defensive attributes.

Itto looks dazzling and super stylish. Being able to complete high-damage combos is something we certainly like to see new characters appear. This will be what I will fight for!

Genshin Impact Garou-First look at the canine warrior

The second character we glimpsed is Garou, a member of the resistance organization, holding a bow and arrow and geographic damage. Since we saw him in the Lightning storyline, this character is a highly anticipated member of the team.

Garou is voiced by Cory Yee. He has earned multiple credits in Genshin Impact, but they are also voiced in some anime, such as Rangarock’s record.

marty depends on the number of geographic party members you have. This role seems to support other strong geographic members of your team.

His ultimate ability enables a field to further enhance the abilities of other members of the team based on the number of geographic players. This will remain active regardless of which character you have activated at the time.

Genshin Impact 2.3 Version-New and Returning Activity Wish

The wishes of Albedo and Eula will return in Genshin Impact 2.3. This comes with a new method of returning wish banners, because it is said that the returned banners will now be returned based on whether they fit the current content in the update.

It is hoped that Oni’s Royale will also launch version 2.3. This will feature Arataki Itto as a 5-star character and Garou as a 4-star character, so if you want to improve your Geo team, this is your banner.

With the new update of Itto, he will of course get his own new story mission so you can figure out what his deal is. The gathering of Wurou and Captain Beidou is also coming soon. If you want to spend time with these characters, please keep the keys.

A shiny new sword named Redhord Stonethresher is about to launch the flag in 2.3, and a series of new artifacts are also launched through the new domain in version 2.3.

There is a new boss to fight, Lord Golden Wolf! This is the king of Rift Wolf, so anyone who is familiar with Lightning Wolf and Rift Hound will know what is around this monster. This is a repeatable Boss, you can challenge at any time, and will lose geographic resistance as the battle progresses, so please prepare a strong geographic team to accept it.

The primordial soul impacts the shadow event in the blizzard

The main activities will include winter training on Dragonspine, a giant mountain south of Mondstat. You need to reach adventure level 20 to participate, but those who are willing to complete some additional tasks will receive unique challenges and rewards.

One of the challenges is the competition, you must pick up the badge in the game and complete the game as soon as possible to get the highest possible score. This seems more exciting than the typical miscellaneous totem challenge you find in the open world.

There is also tracker training. This requires you to melt all ice cubes in a specific area. There is also combat training. This allows you to fight the enemy around the bait, allowing you to balance your icy level while defending against the enemy.

As part of the activity, you can also make a snowman, which is very cute. This is not just a cute distraction, because the snowman has its own unique reward. Once the event is over, these snowmen will always be there because you can take them back to your home in the Serenitea jar.

In the end, the ultimate boss was hinted, but once we get into the new update, we will have to find out more.

Genshin Impact: Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog incident

In this event, we were sent to find and recover a series of missing animals in Inazuna. It turned out that a nasty dog ​​took these animals as hostages, so we must save them.

This comes with a new gadget that allows us to stun the watchdog and rescue animals quickly. Think about the Fulton extraction of Metal Gear Solid 5. You can also rescue animals trapped in cages in the area called “Thief’s Den”.After the event, we will get a modified version of this gadget, which allows us to capture the animals found in the open world and bring them back to our home in the Serenitea pot

Genshin Impact: Energy Amplifier Achievement Event

This new version of the familiar event allows us to go to certain locations on the map and destroy the enemies there, although these enemies will be enhanced by nearby mutant stones. Clearing each behavior will unlock a unique domain, whose modifiers can be changed according to your preferences.

Primordial Shock: Dungeon of the Mist: Return of the Kingdom of Light event

Players using trial characters can activate runes through the dungeon. Activate all these runes to unlock the final challenge of the aforementioned dungeon. This is a comeback event, so players who have been for a while will be familiar with it, although there are new clues to test. Completing all of these will earn huge rewards, so be sure to participate!

Genshin Impact 2.3: Marvelous Merchandise is returning

A small update with rewards, a beloved businessman will return to Genshin Impact-with valuable items you can pick up. Once they are added in version 2.3, be sure to check them.

Genshin Impact 2.3: New Serenitea pot function

A small and interesting update, we got some new Serenitea pot features in version 2.3. Specifically, we will be able to move Pimeng into our humble home as a guest. I’m afraid this means that the creature’s only breathing space is now gone.

Genshim Impact 2.3 stream-redemption code

During the live broadcast, we received some new codes, which can be redeemed in Genshin Impact. these are:

  • Redemption Code 1-B6DKDNM7H49
  • Redemption Code 2-BSNDJC747Z7D
  • Redemption Code 3-AS7CJDP4NG7H