Aang and Kola announce their participation in the Nickelodeon International Children’s Channel All-Star Brawl

A few days before the release, everyone’s favorite pair of Avatars was finally confirmed as the All-Star Brawl on Nickelodeon International Children’s Channel. Both Aang and Korra will fight against various elements such as Ren and Stimpy, Danny Phantom and Patrick Star.

Although Aang can use the bending technique for all four basic elements in the show, his actions in Nick Brawl focus on what he knows best: air bending. Aang is suitable for air combat using these bending techniques, and is good at aerial combos and incredible maneuverability. Some of the highlights of his light and powerful movements include his powerful attack “rising kick”, which slanted An Ang to the sky, and his light and neutral “staff rotation” can hit surrounding enemies on either side of him. Aang’s Air Strong attack made him float a bit, so it is good to use them when trying to safely return to the platform.

Ang’s special attack uses his glider to fly upwards, can ride on an air ball, and use a long rotating staff to attack the opponent trolling on the edge of the stage. When Aang suffers 100% or more damage, the rotating staff turns into an “avatar state”, surrounding him with a sphere made of earth, wind, water, and fire, causing damage to anyone it touches. View the complete mobile breakdown above.

On the other hand, Korra has been training to use all four elements from a very young age and can better integrate them into her movements. This kind of strength is most obvious in her powerful attacks, and each attack has two variations depending on whether the attack button is clicked or held. Launching a powerful attack will bring elemental talents, adding a devastating effect to her martial arts.

Korra’s special attack pushes her where she needs to go, and at the same time imposes some punishment on those who hinder her. “Bending Leap” is her neutral stunt, it can launch a super slam and make her fly horizontally. The special downward movement “landslide” caused Cora to slide across the ground, lifting rocks behind her. The same action in the air will make a downward dive kick, which is very suitable for subsequent attacks. The complete collapse of Cora can be seen above.

Now that most of the actors in the Nickelodeon All-Star squabble have been exposed, who do you want to play in the platform fighter? Do you plan to use powdered toast to express sweet justice, or is it more suitable for your style with cunning cats and dogs? Let us know in the comments!