Abandoned developer shuts down Silent Hill rumors with new video, Q & A coming soon

BlueBox Game Studio has been the epicenter of rumors for the past month on its next horror adventure called Abandoned. There are many theories about what happens to Abandoned, but one of the most common rumors is related to Hideo Kojima’s continued hiding Silent Hill project. Some of the fan theories out there are pretty wild, the studio itself tried to clarify them, but any explanation is skeptical, and “deflection” is “evidence” of being Silent Hill. I feel that. Now the studio director is telling the truth about the studio and giving him a “face” in a new video.

Hasan Kahraman used Twitter to provide a concise and accurate video of upcoming abandoned games. The essence of the studio is a hot topic given that it’s a little-known little indie company. Carlaman himself is a huge source of conspiracy theories, and some even claim that he is the actor hiding Kojima. With so much hype around Abandoned and expectations for a small indie team, it’s funny, worrisome, and weird to see the event unfold. Aside from theory and fan speculation, Carlaman spoke straight from the bottom of his heart and didn’t beat around the bushes when it came to crushing the bigger rumors out there:

The main point he fought in the video above is that he’s not a paid actor, but a real developer, they’re actually working on a game called Abandoned, and they’re not working with Hideo Kojima. Or it’s something to do with it. The team is not working on a new Silent Hill project. He also confirmed that the studio is considering doing a development Q & A video soon, although no specific date has been set yet.

Despite the video clearly addressing some of the most notable speculation topics, there are still people who refute what was said and stick to the idea that this is a paid actor. As a personal concern, Abandoned seems to promise a lot with such a small team and a team that doesn’t really have a history for comparison. What I’m worried about is that the speculative hype surrounding Abandoned holds deep-rooted expectations for horror games. This expectation is impossible to reach because the experience itself is not what people envision. I’m interested in what future Q & A sessions will offer, especially with regard to more graphically rooted ambitions for survival titles, and I know I’m not alone.

What do you think of the rumored abandoned loop? The conspiracy theory is fun to share, but is this really an elaborate stunt with Kojima, or a larger conversation about expectations and real-life community patterns? Make a noise with your hot take in the comments section below.