Absolute Drift by the Art of Rally maker is free on GOG.com.

GoG.com Free games available For the next two days it’s pretty good: Absolute Drift: Zen Edition, Follow-up by Funselektor Art of Rally Released in September.

Absolute drift, For Windows PC Is a series of drift / gymkhana challenges raced from a stylized top-down perspective, somewhat similar to Micro Machines racing games. Absolute drift It was launched on Windows in 2015 and on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in August 2017. It was also launched on the Nintendo Switch in early 2021. Absolute drift It’s usually $ 11.99. Has a “very positive” user rating on Steam..

We got hooked on Funselektor Art of Rally, This is another type of race, but with similar stylish visuals.This video gives a better idea of ​​what Absolute drift Accompanied by.

Players must bill until Saturday afternoon Absolute drift. All they need is a free GOG.com account and opt-in to CD Projekt’s marketing notifications.