Accessibility is more pronounced in 2021 than ever, but not always in a useful way

If last year was a turning point where game accessibility became visible, then this year is a weathervane—showing the direction developers are working on. Although it feels like disability critics and advocates have been arguing that we have the right to be here, many studios have recognized this and are making games for us and marketing to us. Accessibility in games has never been so obvious-but this visibility itself is questionable.

Many high-profile games actively included information about accessibility in this year’s marketing, and released news about their accessibility menus and features before launch. However, it is much easier to talk about the existence of features than the absence of obstacles. You will never see reports saying “the latest franchise addition promises no tiny text” or “the upcoming blockbuster will never spin the camera at a disgusting speed.” It’s a good thing to post news about game accessibility in advance — telling disabled audiences that they are welcome and providing them with information about playing upcoming games — but it also leads in some way about accessibility Sexual public dialogue.

(Image source: Microsoft)

Microsoft is one of the largest publishers and is particularly outspoken when it comes to the accessibility of its games and hardware. Its two major releases this year-Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite-both include accessibility news as part of its pre-release marketing. Although both games have made very obvious efforts to include disabled players, the results have been mixed. Disability critics praised one and criticized the other.