According to Microsoft, the Xbox Game Pass gets at least one new first-party game each quarter.

Microsoft announced a flood of news on the Xbox, xCloud, and Xbox Game Pass on Thursday. This includes working on a new standalone game streaming device and deploying Game Pass on TVs. The Xbox maker also reaffirmed its first-party commitment to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service and promised to “introduce at least one new first-party game to Game Pass each quarter.”

The company says the continued expansion of Xbox Game Studios (and the recent addition of Bethesda Softworks to Microsoft) will enable its release cycle.

“More than 23 studios around the world are creating games for the Xbox. Our goal is to release at least one new first-party game on the Game Pass each quarter.” Microsoft said in an Xbox Wire post.. “Role-playing games, shooters, strategy titles, adventure games, etc. are all created by our first-party team to ensure a stable stream of compelling exclusive content to explore.”

Microsoft didn’t say when the plan would come into effect, but the company will easily reach its goal in 2021 with two first-party releases later this year. Halo Infinite And Psycho Notes 2..

You’ll definitely see how the rest of the year (and next) will look at Xbox Game Studios at E3 2021. Microsoft will host the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase on June 13. –Like an Xbox game party Everwild From rare I swore From Obsidian Entertainment Perfect dark From the initiative Fable From the Playground Games Saga of Senua: Helblade 2 From ninja theory, and new Forza Motorsport From Turn 10 Studio. Bethesda Softworks is also working Starfield And The Elder Scrolls 6..