According to Sakurai, the inclusion of Sora’s Smash Bros is difficult

Sora is the latest and final addition Super Smash Bros Ultimate EditionWith a huge lineup, he may be the most difficult role in this series. Masahiro Sakurai, Game Director Super smash bro final, Wrote a column for the Japanese magazine “Famitsu” about the difficulty of incorporating Sora into Smash. PushDustln and Kody NOKOLO on Twitter Join to translate this article for English lovers and provide detailed information in two threads.

Unlike other senior opinion poll fighters (such as Banjo and Kazooie), Sora is more difficult to obtain-Sakurai once thought that Sora was “extremely impossible” to obtain. But at the awards location (PushDustln did not mention the specific location, so it is likely that Sakurai did not specify), Sakurai met a Disney representative who seemed excited about Sora joining.Despite such a lucky meeting, it took a long time for Sora to join in the discussion SmashIn fact, Fighter Pass 2 should only be equipped with five fighters, while Sora was added to six.

Even after all the studios have reached an agreement, Sora is not an easy role to achieve. Sakurai’s team had to seek approval through two supervisors: Square Enix and Disney. The studio imposed a lot of guidelines, and Sakurai joked how difficult it is to please everyone.

Outside of Sora, Sakurai talked about the length and difficulty of developing the 11 fighters in the DLC package. After the team was matched after the release, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sakurai spent the same time developing the DLC as he spent developing the full game.It’s been three years Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition’The s version is only now completed with the release of Sora.

In the end, Sakura stated that he would only “make a few more games”, and given the development time of the DLC, he was “worried about the future.” It is not clear whether Sakurai plans to participate in another Smash Brothers game before he assumes retirement. He finished his blog and said that his biweekly Famitsu column is about to end.The director thinks Smash the ultimate It’s a “game celebration”, and it seems very happy that so many developers from different studios can come together and achieve this goal.

If you are interested in reading the complete column, two translators stated that they will publish the complete translation within two weeks.