According to Sony’s patent, the PS5 panel may be launched soon

Sony A patent has been published that allows platform owners to manufacture and sell panels Game console 5.

this patent (pass through OPA attack) Was originally submitted in November 2020 and was finally approved one year later on November 16, 2021. The actual legal name of the “Electronic Device Protective Cover” patent, but if you click to view it, you can see that it-obviously-is for the PlayStation 5 hardware.

What is not clear in the documentation is whether these are actually removable panels or skins that can be applied to existing hardware. Either way, given that Sony has repeatedly had legal disputes with the company that produces voers for its latest hardware, there is no doubt that fans will be happy to finally provide them with a formal choice.

Since Sony has left a gap in the market, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s lawyers have been stubbornly tracking down companies that try to provide customers with opportunities to customize game consoles.

Given that the most famous company trying to release PS5 products-Dbrand-sold out its black PS5 panels within a few hours, it is safe to say that the demand for these products is obvious.

Since its release on November 20 last year, the PS5 has proven to be a popular product; we recently heard that the PS5 has now sold 13.4 million units, although scalping issues and inventory shortages may undermine Sony’s hardware plans. Maybe in the future it can make more money by selling customizable plates.